Welcome to the Fishing and Hunting Forum. We have set up a few rules to make your stay the best possible.

1. Our members are expected to respect each other. We want to maintain a polite and friendly atmosphere. Please do not insult or be vulgar to each other, it will not be tolerated.
Your posts should not be derogatory, hateful, threatening, racist, harassing, or abusive to anyone or company. Do not post any material that is threatening, harassing, or abusive to anyone. Do not make any posts that are slanderous or illegal in any way.

2. Rudeness will not be tolerated. This includes but not limited to: Correcting the spelling and grammar of others, hijacking threads, and using all capital letters which is considered yelling.

3. All avatars should be PG rated. If they are not, they will be removed.

4. All signatures should be 2 lines or less and may not include any links.

5. Spamming is not allowed and will be deleted. Repetitive spammers will be banned.

6. Do not start threads to obtain donations, charity contributions, or free gear.

7. Post your threads in the proper forums. Commercial threads need to be posted in the manufacturer’s announcement section. If you are not sure where to post, then just PM a moderator for advice.

8. Please refer to the Rules of the Classifieds before buying, selling, or trading. Specific rules and guidelines will be posted there.
The Fishing and Hunting Forum and our affiliates accept no responsibility for the transactions that take place on the site. Use the Classifieds with caution.

9. Minors may not use the classifieds due to legal restrictions. Your birth date is required to use the classifieds.

10. Creating an alternate member id for the purpose of deception is not allowed. The alter will be banned and the original user may also be disciplined.

11. Our forum staff may remove threads or posts if they feel necessary to do so. If you feel it was done mistakenly then contact a moderator for clarification through the Private Message (pm) system and not in the open forum or as a repost. Use the PM feature to contact other members or forum moderators about any issues. Do not start a thread to protest a moderator or an administrator’s actions.
Do not disrespect to moderators, it will not be tolerated.

12. A moderator may find that a thread or post has violated a rule and will either edit it or remove it. In some cases, this may be accompanied by a warning to the poster and, in extreme cases, banning of the member and their IP. Banning may be temporary or permanent depending on the offence. Appeals may be made by PM or email to administration and then a final decision will be made.

These rules apply to the whole Fishing and Hunting Forum site including photos, articles, blog posts, reviews, chat, and any future sections of the site. If your actions warrant banning, it is site wide and applies to all accounts coming from your IP address.

This site was created for you and with a little moderator help can be policed by you. Treat each post as if your 8 year old child were going to read it. Keep your threads and posts clean, honest, and free from sexual innuendo and foul language. Above all, respect others and they will respect you.