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Thread: Hunting Calls

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    Hunting Calls

    Premier Hunting Calls is a comprehensive collection of electronic game calls. The application provides high quality sounds with their field instructions. App’s interface enables hunters to play, stop or change calls on the run.
    Hunting adventure finally on Android! Why use plastic calls when you can have realistic calls in your phone. Love Hunting? Get “Premier Hunting Calls” before you leave. For better results plug in your amplified speaker and happy hunting!
    NOTE: Please check your local game laws for legal use of electronic hunting calls.
    • Huge selection of hunting sounds to choose from.
    • High quality Sounds with no noise.
    • Simple GUI (Graphical User-interface).
    • Comprehensive tactics and training guide included.
    • In App billing
    • Bonus coins everyday

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    Certainlly costs less than the 2 FoxPros that I own, but both of mine have remotes, so that you're not sitting there with the sounds.

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    I just yell "Here turkey, turkey, turkey!" and they come running

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    That is crazy, it's turkey season down here and my one buddy got 2 already, I have not been hunting though

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