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Thread: Hunting in Eastern Europe?

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    Hunting in Eastern Europe?

    So does anyone hare have experience in boar hunting around Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary etc.). I've been offered a hunting trip to this area this year, and would like to know if anyone has any tips on locations, regulations and such?

    Thank you!

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    there was a guy on here before from overseas some where, check the outfitters section

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    Quote Originally Posted by born_wild View Post
    anybody interested to hunt in Romania ? ...I have very interested offer and very good reviews .
    Is it even safe to fly into there these days, coming from the US we might be put on a watch list when we return

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    Quote Originally Posted by born_wild View Post
    You are very wrong about that ....
    If you are interested I can give you in PM lot of reviews about Romania ....how safe it is and how nice
    Please share your reviews with our forum

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