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Thread: How do I know what size bow string to get

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    How do I know what size bow string to get

    I bought a Pearson recurve at a yard sale and it needs a bowstring. The bow is marked AMO60 but I've read that both 3" and 4" shorter then AMO is correct. I normally get my compound strings from 60xcustomstrings but I have no clue when it comes to recurves. Thanks
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    You need a 57" bow string, the string length is generally 3" less then the AMO length.
    You can get one from Fishing and Hunting USA website just click this link

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    Every thing I googled said the same thing, most are 3" shorter but I did find some 4" shorter but you could use either one

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    You learn some thing ever day

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    You can just call 60x custom strings or proline bowstrings and tell them the make and model and they know the size string you can get. I got a 57" compound bowstring from them over the phione.

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    I myself learn a few things each day

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    Quote Originally Posted by doankhuong92 View Post
    I myself learn a few things each day
    You need to join in more conversation buddy

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