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Thread: 2015 done and over with regards to boat production

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    2015 done and over with regards to boat production

    Wow that year slipped by pretty fast
    we had some of the guys from this web site stop by this summer to have a look at our hewes craft boats
    and we had nothing to show them so i thought i would put this post up here
    For those that have stopped by and wanted to see a Hewes craft
    We finally got our last load of 2015s in
    for now we have available to view/purchase
    190 sea runner hard top
    190 sea runner soft top
    180 sportsman
    180 open fisherman
    Even if you want a bigger boat these are good examples of the quality construction of the larger models Also most every one that sees a 19' Hewes craft for the first time cant believe how much room there is in it and would not want some thing much bigger
    this boat seems to be the perfect all around boat for our market
    our production slots are filling up for 2016 boats
    so if there is a boat you have been dreaming about and you will need it by next spring time to order is now 2016 prices are going up we just dont know how much yet
    we have some great offers going for a limited time on rigging and also a free charter on a hewes craft for any one buying a boat
    This is not just a hews craft its a calumet marine rigged hewes craft !
    calumet marine customer service no one else can match or even come close !

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    Crazy how this season has just about come and gone, I have always liked those Hewes boats

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