An announcement from DLC Covert about their scouting cameras on 9/25/16

***Attention 2016 Code Black and BlackHawk cell cam owners***
This email was sent out to everyone registered on the portal, but in case you didn't receive it :

This firmware will be automatically pushed to your camera. If you choose to opt-in to the new improvements, please follow the steps listed :

Improvements Include:

Significant battery life improvement,
Reliability of the real-time commands,
Reliability of network communications and
Overall improved functions.


Scroll to the NET Tab

Scroll down to Download FW and Press OK.

Once your firmware is fully downloaded (there are 9 steps), turn off the camera and take out the SD card.

Lock the SD Card. (Push the button on the side of the SD card down.)

Put the SD Card Back in the camera and turn the camera on.

Let the camera find a signal. You will see a message that says "synchronization successful".

Take out the SD card. (You don't have to turn the camera off!)

Unlock the SD card.

Put the SD card back in the camera and you are good to go!

To check if you have the latest firmware version you can try this process and it will tell if you have it already or not.

Please tag your friends who have our cell cam so they know.