One word comes to mind while typing this report and that word is TOUGH! We fished each day for a few hours over the long holiday weekend and only ended up with 3 total hits and landed 2 fish on the final day. Everyone we talked to had the same story most people got skunked and the lucky ones got 1 or 2 fish. We fished mostly 50-100fow with most baits near the bottom as that's where we marked fish we just could not get them to bite. The biggest fish of the trip came on a Michigan Stinger spoon in the glow watermelon pattern on a rigger down 70ft. We also some how managed to lose a fish hawk probe when the rigger cable decided to snap as I was changing lures not a good feeling watching it sink to the bottom of the lake! We still had a great long weekend on the water and the weather was near perfect!

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