We fished out of Grand Haven this past holiday weekend. We arrived Friday and where able to fish for a few hours but only landed 1 coho. Saturday morning we took a coho on the set up, but then things died for a while. We ended up hooking a decent king outside the mouth late in the morning. We then decided to troll inside the channel and ended up boating another king and losing a king due to a botched net job. We ended the morning 3-4 which based upon the radio talk was a pretty good morning. We got a invite to fish on a buddies boat on Saturday evening so we did and ended up with 2 kings before a storm ran us off the lake. We ran 6 rods most of the time as it was just the two of us, but sometimes only ran 4-5 with all the boat traffic. We fished from the channel out to 50fow with our best depth being 20-30fow in an out of the channel. We took most fish on plugs on divers and riggers 15-20ft down. We also managed to catch 2 nice largemouth bass while trolling that was a surprise! We had a great holiday weekend in Grand Haven can't wait to go back!

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