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Thread: ScentLok Partners with Ted Nugent

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    ScentLok Partners with Ted Nugent

    From this week's Archery Wire http://www.archerywire.com/releases/...-fcb1c6d7f035/

    MUSKEGON, MI – Select few professionals possess the passion, skill and sheer tenacity to break record after record in their chosen field. Fewer still can stake that claim in more than one arena. Indeed, where the expansive and enthusiastic worlds of hunting, rock and roll and Americanism intersect, you’ll find one undeniably influential individual; you’ll find Ted Nugent.

    Likewise, only a handful of companies operating in the outdoors sector can show a history of bringing products to market that truly revolutionize their industry. And only one can lay claim to the genesis of the game-changing scent-control apparel category for hunters. For 26 years, ScentLokhas consistently and continually developed new technologies and products that provide hunters with a proven advantage against their enemy number-one: a whitetail’s nose.

    Today, ScentLok is excited to announce a formal partnership with Ted Nugent and his award-winning Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television show, which recently celebrated its landmark 500th episode. The partnership will result in ScentLok providing support for Nugent’s wildly popular Outdoor Channel production, while putting his considerable influence to work on the promotion of the ScentLok, OZ and Tree Spider lines of products.

    “I know no other person more passionate about hunting, and expanding and advocating the rights of our consumers than Ted Nugent,” says ScentLok VP Marketing, Nick Andrews. “His active outreach and work on behalf of the American hunter spans from weekend warriors all the way to the highest levels of political office. His work to preserve our great outdoor heritage for future generations – as well as our rights and freedoms as Americans – is appreciated by millions. We’re thrilled to be formally working with Ted to support our collective vision, mission and influence.”

    Uncle Ted shares the enthusiasm: “My American Dream quality of life is maximized by my soul cleansing outdoor lifestyle. ScentLok enhances it all! They are my Spirit of the Wild Blood Brothers.”

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild can be seen exclusively on Outdoor Channel. Follow Ted on Facebook and Twitter at @tednugent, and on Instagram at @tednugentofficial.

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    Got to love Uncle Teddy and Michigan

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    Love him or the him, he's on OUR side!
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